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The Lash Industry Is Waiting For YOU!

Are you looking to join the lash industry

or elevate your services?  

"We distinguish ourselves from the competition first of all by our education program and by the fact that we have a complete online version, easy to follow, full support offered and guaranties certification. "

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Our Trainer

Our Trainer

Jessica Martel

"I’ ve been in the lash industry for over a decade now. Started as a part time lash tech and then gradually grew in the industry.


I’ve work with several market leading lash companies and have been certified by more than 5. 

I was trained by some of the best in the industry, from the USA, and Canada.

And have conducted conferences in Orlando, Miami and Montreal.


And now I’m here! "

Jessica Martel

Brand & Education Manager

About Us

About Us



Jessica is wonderful. I loved the online training. Her training is very detailed. She explains everything very clearly. I needed support online. She is always very quick to respond and go out of her way to help. I would give 10/10 to the training and support afterwards as well.



I had the pleasure to be trained by Jessica. She is professional and attentive to details. She makes sure her students are completely in control of the technique she is teaching and she is always available for her students if they have concerns. Jessica is passionate about lashes and her experience is undeniable.  

Our Trainings

Our Trainings

Here are the training options we offer to future

LASH EXPERTS like you!

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1424664_PLC deluxe kit august 2022_withBG-2_080822.jpg
1424665_PLC essential kit august 2022_withBG-2_080922.jpg
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Mini Kit

Star your lash learning the right way, with our Online education including your mini starter kit!

Deluxe Kit

Ready to jump in the lash industry in full speed?! Than our Online education including the Deluxe kit is what you need! 


Already certified and want to join the PREMIERLASH Canada family!?

Our conversion course is designed for lash artists who have already trained elsewhere, who want to become a PLC certified lash artist. 


Want to make the transition from Classic to Volume, we hear you! 

Our Volume lash training will take you through every steps. 

It’s time to level up your lashing skills and give your clients what they’ve been asking for! 

Our Distributors

Our Distributors

Want to know where you can take an in-person training? 

Thanks! We will contact you to let you know which of our distributor will take good care of you!

For what type of training:
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